Beer Design Challange #2

Publikáció: 2019. October 6. Sunday

Roland Molnár graduated MA graphic design student, Ádám Matyikánics former BA student and Krisztián Gajdár's team won the  I. prize,
and BA graphic design students Réka Pisla, Fanni Tassy and Erik Pál   was  the III. prize at the Beer Design Challenge # 2 by DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio during the 16th Design Week event series.


The event:

There were 7 teams of students and former students of the Institute of Visual Arts.

Our participating students:
Pál Elekes
Áron Bodnár
Sándor Dalmadi
Zsófi Nagy
Erik Pál
Réka Pisla
Dominik Szabó
Tassy Fanni
Bertalan Várnai

Former students:
Dávid Fucsku
Banis Barbara
Attila Gulyás
Ádám Matyikánics
Dóra Mészáros
Roland Molnár

Erasmus students:
Bálint Bartis
Boer Sebestyén
Orsolya Németh


Hilarity of Vagueness

Dies Natalis ISI Yogyakarta XXXIII, Postgraduate Program

Hilarity of Vagueness

Ephemeral Sculpture

Before introducing ephemeral sculpture as a form of artistic expression it is inevitable to describe the process that lead to the legitimatisation of temporal materials by the millennium and a widespread usage of them in contemporary fine arts at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Ephemeral Sculpture

Analogies between the Activities of the MAMŰ Association and Group Yatoo in the ‘80s

Artists survived those hard times of dictatorship by following the most different strategies. The desire to escape from the suffocating political atmosphere almost predestined those attracted to nature to voluntary exile from towns. Having graduated from different art centres and universities, several artists fled back to their birth-place, in some cases to tiny villages.

Analogies between the Activities of the MAMŰ Association and Group Yatoo in the ‘80s