Dr. Szabolcs Süli-Zakar

Associate Professor,
Head of the Media and Design Department


1976, Debrecen (Hungary)
Living and working in Eger and Debrecen.


The research topic of Szabolcs Süli-Zakar, project-approach artist, is the inspection of the social/urban space on the margins of fine arts, design and science.

Qualifications, Memberships:
2014 Dla, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Doctorate School supervisor: Miklós Peternák CSc
2007-2009 University of Pécs, Hungary,
DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) program, supervisor: Ernő Tolvaly †
2005 University of Pécs, Hungary, visual education teacher, (MA)
2000 University of Szeged, geography, Szeged, Hungary, (MSc)
2000 Gyula Juhász Teacher’s college, Szeged, Hungary, (BA)
2012 senior member of Studio of Young Artists Association
2008-2012 member of Studio of Young Artists Association
2004 member of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists

2016 Mihaly Gácsi fine art Award, Grand Prize
2016 National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Scholarship
2015 Hungarian Academy of Rome, Italy, Scholarship
2015 Beautiful Hungarian Book Award, specialized books in Bibliophile category, first prize
2014 National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Scholarship
2010-2012, 2013 “Gyula Derkovits” National Art Award
2010 Space Gallery, Bratislava AIR residency
2009 National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Scholarship
2004 “Young Art” in Europe Award, Grand Prize, Paderborn, Germany

 Curatorial work and Residences:
Artist in Residence of Debrecen (artistic director)
2010-2012 Et-Lettera, European Cultural Program and exhibitions, Déri Múzeum Debrecen, (curator)
2010 Space Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia AIR Rezidency, (resident) curators: Juraj Čarný, Katarína Slaninová
2007-2010 Animaliter, European Illustrative Program, (curator)
2008, 2009, 2011 Krapanj Workshop Croatia, (resident), curator: Tibor Gyenis
2007 Intermodem, MODEM, (resident), curator: Attila Szabó, Eike
2006-2009 International Colony of Artists, Debrecen (artistic director)
1997-2002 International Artistic Workshop of Kéked, Hungary, (co-founder, curator)

Lectures and Conferences:
Artist in Residence of Debrecen
2013 Recalculating, University of the Arts London CCW, London
2012 Et Lettera – Writing pictures, Drawing Words, Déri Museum, Debrecen
2010 – 2012 Milbank-Csepel project, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Doctoral School, Budapest and University of the Arts London CCW, Budapest – London
2011 International Network for Transdisciplinary (post-doctoral) Research, MKE, Budapest
2011 Horizont, RES Artis Conference, MODEM, Debrecen
2009 Transcultural Exchange Conference, Boston, MA, USA
2007 Transcultural Exchange Conference, Boston, MA, USA


 Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2016 Accumulation, B24 Gallery, Debrecen
2012 Critical aspects of social coexistence, Stúdió Lajos Vajda, Szentendre with Éva Ludman
2011 Autodafe, Small Synagogue Contemporary Gallery, Eger, Hungary, with Attila Szabó
2009 Breath, Public sound- and video installation, MODEM, Debrecen with Sándor Imreh
Monument & Denatural, VLS, Szentendre – with Attila Szabó
Horizon, Medgyessy Museum Debrecen,
2008 Horizon, Magyar Műhely Gallery, Budapest, curator: Erika Baglyas

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2016 Imprinting, Artist in Residence of Debrecen, MODEM and b24 Gallery, Debrecen
Under my/your skin (Sulla mia pelle – sotto la mia pelle), Hungarian Academy of Rome, Italy,  curator: Pál Németh
GAMEclip, Works from Antal–Lusztig Collection with Parallels and Reflections from Art, Literature and Music, MO DEM Debrecen, curator: Katalin T. Nagy
2015 Re-planning, Selection from the Antal–Lusztig Collection, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary, curator: Katalin T. Nagy
Align, originals from fakes, Gallery of Szolnok, curator: Katalin T. Nagy
2014 Balance, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary, curator: Zsófia Farkas
VAD, Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2013 Lonely landscape, Déri Museum, Debrecen, curator: Lilla Szoboszlai
Recalculating, Triangle Gallery, Chealsea, London
Derkovits NOW, Kunsthalle, Budapest, curator: József Készman
2012 Good Sign – Gallery by Night, Studio of Young Artists Association, Budapest,  curators: Balázs Beöthy, Luca Ménesi
Anatomy of Integration, Sculpture Quadrennial Riga, curators: Aigars Bikše, Inese Baranovska, Ivars Drulle
Crazycurators Biennale IIII. SPACE Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia, curators: Juraj Čarný, Stano Masár, Diana Majdáková, Katarína Slaninová
Tradition reconsidered, Gyula Derkovits Art Scholarship exhibition, Ernst Museum, Budapest,  curator: József Készman
2011 Csepel Works, Hungarian University of Fine Arts and the University of the Arts London CCW, Labor, Bp.
2011 Rezidens, Space Gallery, Bratislava, Sk., curators: Juraj Čarný, Katarína Slaninová
2011 “Qui Vive?” 2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Russia, curator: Daria Pyrkina
12th Nord Art, Büdelsdorf, Germany, curator: Wolfgang Gramm
2009 1st Danubiana Biennale, Damubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Slovakia
Blocked Disbursement, acb Gallery Budapest, curator: Anna Lénárd
Young Contemporary Statements, Zsolnay Manufactory, Pécs, curator: Sári Stenczer
2008 Partition_, MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, curator: Eike, Attila Szabó
2007 Prix Ars Electronica 2007 (CyberArts 2007), Linz, Austria,
Athens Video Art Festival 07, Athens, Greece, curator: Hlias Chatzichristodoulou
2006 Pouffee (public intervention) at the official opening of the MODEM

Works in Public Collections:
MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen
Antal–Lusztig Collection
Déri Museum, Debrecen
Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Russia
National Fine Arts Museum of Taiwan, ROC
Fine Art of Baia Mare, Romania


Office hours

kedd 13:30-14:30